Almost 2 million people have left their houses with fear to look for shelter in the bush or outside the country.

The long-lasting conflict and economic crisis have contributed to a gigantic growth of food prices. The majority of inhabitants cannot afford food at all. Everything is missing: water, food, medicines. In two regions the state of famine has been declared. In particular, children are exposed to famine. The head of the UNICEF office states that over 250,000 children in the whole country are seriously undernourished: small kids weight as little as babies. Here the aid must be provided immediately. Otherwise the children will die.

The Sudanese bishop points out that the pandemic has dramatically deteriorated the situation in this youngest state of Africa, which has been suffering of wars, terrible poverty and natural calamities for years. As a result of virus spreading, both everyday life and the peace process have been blocked and no temporary government has been established yet.

Extending the restrictions may unfortunately aggravate the conflict. Political parties are at variance and they have problem to find a common ground, says Bishop Kussala.

The Sudanese pray for peace and light of the Holy Spirit for politicians to enable them to work together in favour of peace, justice and better future of all people.

The inhabitants are not able to overcome the drama of war and pandemic. They need specific aid from all over the world. That is why the Bishop makes such a heart-breaking appeal: “I know that Europe and countries of the West are now busy treating their own wounds caused by the pandemic. However, please notice our needs, as well. Without financial support, the Sudanese will not survive. I beg you, don’t leave us alone!”

Almost one and a half of million of children in four African countries suffer famine.
This was announced by specialised UN organisations, including the one in charge of children: UNICEF. These are Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan and northern regions of Nigeria.

Justin Forsyth from the UNICEF tells BBC that so many children in those states are forced to eat leaves and roots, although there is enough food in the world to feed them.

Such situations are caused by humans. These are mainly conflicts and wars, like in South Sudan.
There are places where children die because are cut off from food supplies as a result of fights, said Justin Forsyth. In Somalia, which is engulfed with fights, drought is an additional factor that increases famine.

The UN estimates that one hundred thousand people starve there and almost five million people are undernourished.

Inhabitants of South Sudan are threatened with famine, which was declared in February in two districts of the Unity state for the first time for six years.

Long-lasting fights in Unity, says Jackson Mungoni from the Polish Humanitarian Action in South Sudan, are the major problem of that state. People flee from fights and have nothing: they lose their place of residence, crops, all means to make a living. Frequently tens of people share one pot.
If they do not manage to catch a fish, and there are few who have a fishing rod, the pot is filled with tree leaves and lilies or water hyacinth.

The Polish Humanitarian Action, which has been operating a fixed mission in South Sudan for 10 years, starts its actions in the Unity state. In cooperation with other organisations, it is responsible in a comprehensive way for the most urgent needs of the inhabitants to provide them with access to clean water, food and shelter. The Action focuses on establishing conditions where the inhabitants of Unity will be able to live on their own, which includes the distribution of seeds, as well as farming and fishing tools.

Forecasts indicate that the food crisis in South Sudan will reach its peak between May and July.


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